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Fishing Stories

Tell us your fishing stories and don’t forget the really big one that got away.  Kathy


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Who we are and Why we are here

We have a motel in Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula between Kenai and Soldotna. I’m new to blogging and still don’t understand it so please be patient. We wanted a blog linked from our website for guests comments, fun things that happen at the motel and fishing news. Alicia’s Eagle Rock Lodge is in the fishing capital of the world.

You will hear from Kathy, that’s me, I manage the motel and smile at the guests making sure their stay is a good experience. Devron is the owner and he has the fishing information. He has lived here 20 years and loves fishing, hunting and ATV’s.

Also you will hear from Viv, she is the winter manager, while Kathy is away in the lower 48 for the winter.

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